Class Assignments and Teachers

In June, our teachers reorganized our students for their 2021-2022 class assignment.  Teachers also received their grade placement for September.  ALL OF THIS IS ALWAYS TENTATIVE, AS MANY THINGS CHANGE OVER THE SUMMER. 
  • All student classroom assignments will be mailed the week of September 1st.  
You may wonder, what can change?  As you hear on the news, we are still awaiting guidance from the Department of Education about September.   Some of the factors that make this situation "tentative" are room capacity, social distancing requirements, etc.  During the summer, no staff are working, with the exception of myself.  All staff return on September 9th.  We are working to ensure all safety protocols are in place, no room exceeds the capacity and that every student is in the appropriate setting.  If you are currently enrolled in PS 88Q, but will not be returning, please email me and Pat Williams.  Having accurate numbers of students makes all the difference in balancing class size.  
As a reminder, all class and teacher placements are tentative, as factors beyond our control make it a fluid situation.   As always, any questions, feel free to reach out to me.