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Message from our Principal

It is my honor to introduce myself as Linda O'Shaughnessy, the principal of P.S. 88Q.  There is not one time that the words " I am the principal of PS 88Q" doesn't humble me.  I hold many titles; mother, teacher, wife, daughter, sister and principal of which I hold each sacred and important.  
I am a born and bred Brooklynite, and a product of the NYC Public School system.  My years at PS 199K, Hudde JHS, and Edward R. Murrow High School immersed me in a diverse, rigorous and inclusive environment.  I began teaching in 1993 in Brooklyn, ranging from 2nd grade to 6th/7th grade.  Fate brought me to Queens (District 27) in 2007.  I loved my years at PS 97Q, but when leadership called, I answered.  After three years as an Assistant Principal at Mosaic Pre-K Centers @ District 24, I was offered the principalship at PS 88Q in August of 2018.  My initial reaction, "I'm Home."  
I am beginning my fifth year at P.S. 88Q and am excited for what this year will bring.  Over the past four school years, our school, our community, and our world has changed drastically.  What we knew to be true, open school doors, classrooms full with inquisitive minds and inspiring staff, school buses dropping off our precious students, changed overnight.  What had never been done before, a shutdown of all NYC Public Schools took place, and on a moments notice P.S. 88Q moved into the virtual world.  Our staff, our families and our students were and continue to be amazing in a time of uncertainty.  This was only possible because of the trust in our community.  This past school year (2021-2022), all of our students returned to in-person learning, and what a wonderful feeling!  Our hallways, classrooms, auditorium, cafeteria, and school yard were filled again with our students.  Music, laughter, and questions is what we heard.  Art, writing, projects, dance, performance and learning is what we saw.  This return to the building was only possible due to our families and their dedication, patience, trust and resilience.
As we begin the 2022-2023 school year, the future for PS 88Q is bright!  We have a vibrant early childhood program, with two 3K classes and four Pre-K classes.  We have a thriving ICT/STEM class on each grade, thanks to an amazing grant secure by District 24.  We are opening a Gifted and Talented class for third graders.  Our arts program has expanded, including music, visual arts, theater and dance.  Our STEM Lab is ready for all of our students, as well as our beautiful library.  2022-2023 is going to be an amazing year!
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