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We are so proud of our 2021-2022 Student Council
The students went to the polls and voted for their student council representatives. With over 500 students voting, it was a close race in every race, with the margin as close as 1 vote in some cases. Our new Student Council is ready to start working.
Haitam Belbaraka:  President
Kayleigh Negron: Vice President
Isabella Goad : Secretary
Elmer Regla: Treasurer
Khloe Roman : Publicist
Hana Demiri: Grade 1 Representative
Zuzzanna Chwialkowska: Grade 2 Representative
Sarah Abdullah: Grade 3 Representative
Zoe Duy: Grade 4 Representative
Chloe Avilan: Grade 5 Representative
We look forward to our 2022-2023 Student Council Elections!