What is the STEM/ICT Class?

New York State Diversity Grant (NYSIP)

District 24 is the proud recipient of a NYS Diversity Grant which will create ICT STEM classes in our Title I Schools from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  The grant provides funding for supplies, resources and staff development focusing on Diversity, STEM and CRSE. In addition, the grant will allow for open enrollment throughout the district in kindergarten and sixth grade.

Teacher Training

Teachers who are selected to implement the STEM units will receive the following training and support:

Classroom Activities

Teachers who participate will be asked to the following with their class:

  • Implement a minimum of one STEM unit with their class
    • Teachers can choose to do more than one STEM unit
  • Showcase student work at the school or digitally
  • Introduce students to STEM careers
  • Share lessons and ideas with other STEM teachers in the District
We are proud to host this model on every grade from Kindergarten through Grade 5.  Our students participate in project based learning, incorporating real world concerns.