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What is Social Emotional Learning?

In Our Classrooms

We’re doubling down on an approach that we know works—giving our teachers the resources to support our students' social-emotional skills and well-being, and, as a result, reducing our reliance on suspensions or punitive discipline. If students learn how to resolve conflicts and build relationships with each other and staff, they are less likely to act out.

More information about student supports by grade level, below:


Elementary School Supports

All elementary schools will receive support to teach their students how to develop healthy relationships through Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curricula. SEL has been proven to improve students’ academic performance by prioritizing communication, empathy and problem solving.

Building on principles and practices already used in our Pre-K programs, teachers from 3K – 5th grade will receive training and materials to help students grow their emotional and social skills. Activities like daily meet-ups between students and a “buddy-up” system will help children to learn how to get along with others.

Offering these lessons in elementary school allows students to build on the foundation and better develop during formative years.

The Department of Education will offer the SEL curriculum in partnership with National University System’s Sanford Harmony program(Open external link).